Russian Storytelling | 4-8 jr.
dinsdag 5 december 2023 15:50 - 16:50
Locatie Bibliotheek Amstelveen Stadsplein
Categorie Jeugd
Tags International Voorlezen

Russian Storytelling | 4-8 jr.

Every Tuesday children will have interactive book sessions! They will be involved in journeys into the magical world of literature, where they learn and feel new things together with the book characters! At the end of the meeting, there is a fun craft/experiment sessions. 

On the last Tuesday of every month, we will have tabletop educational games for children of 2 age groups: 4-8 years old and 9-12 years old.

Did you know that if your child knows your mother tongue well, it is easier for them to learn a new language?

WHEN: Every Tuesday from 15:50 till 16:50
FOR: Russian speaking international children 4-8 years old
ENTRANCE: 1 euro/per child

More information and registration here