Russian Storytelling | 7-9 jr.
dinsdag 21 november 2023 15:50 - 16:50
Locatie Bibliotheek Amstelveen Stadsplein
Categorie Jeugd
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Russian Storytelling | 7-9 jr.

Enjoy interactive reading and fun craft activities together. You can register via the Bright Future Foundation

From September 2023 we will have 2 target groups: 4-6 and 7-9 years old children. The activities will still be fun and educational, but different for different age groups. Do not miss this opportunity to join on Tuesdays! Want to join the 4-6 group? Check here for the exact dates.

Did you know that if your child knows your mother tongue well, it is easier for them to learn a new language?

Every Tuesday from 15:50 till 16:50
AGE: 4-6 y.old & 7-9 y.old
ENTRANCE: 1 euro/per child